SVSU Planning Tuition Freeze for 2020-21

Saginaw Valley State University President Donald Bachand has announced plans to freeze tuition for the upcoming academic year. He said in a message to the campus community Friday, “I am recommending to our Board of Control that we freeze tuition for the 2020-21 academic year. Many families are facing financial challenges. This is one way in which we can assist students and families and provide some reassurance to them. Online fees will be removed to ensure that an SVSU degree remains affordable and within reach. While this decision ultimately rests with our Board, it is important to make our intentions clear so that students and families can plan.”

Bachand also announced that he and other SVSU executives will be taking pay cuts. “I will be taking a pay cut of 10%, effective immediately. Our other senior executive and leadership teams will be taking pay cuts of 5% to 10%, as well. It is the right and responsible thing to do as we build a budget that still contains many variables,” he said.

All SVSU classes for spring and summer have been moved online, and online fees have been waived. Bachand said more than 100 SVSU staff members are on temporary COVID-19 leave, but the university is continuing their health coverage.

He said SVSU is making preparations to reopen the campus in phases, once it can be done safely, with several internal teams developing those plans. “Our students want to return to their university in the fall,” Bachand said. “They are showing this through their actions. We have received more housing deposits from returning students than had been received than at this time last year. This is truly remarkable, given how many questions remain unanswered and how many families are in financial distress. It demonstrates a show of faith from our students, and it should renew faith in all of us.”

SVSU’s spring commencement exercises have been postponed, but a virtual celebration is planned for May 8th to honor May and August graduates.  Information will be posted at: