Presidential Politics Comes To Saginaw

In less than two weeks, Michigan voters will head to the polls to pick their choice for president in Michigan’s March 10th presidential primary.

Democratic hopeful, Michael Bloomberg, is the first candidate to open a campaign office in the Great Lakes Bay Region in Saginaw’s Bancroft Building, at 104 East Genesee.

Regional Coordinator Maurice Patterson agrees with one of the former New York City mayor’s platforms, higher wages, especially for teachers. Bloomberg gave New York City teachers a 43% raise and student achievement benefited from the highly motivated educators after the pay increase.

Patterson says Saginaw will benefit from Bloomberg’s $70 billion Greenwood Initiative to help promote economic justice for Black America in the country’s inner cities.

Patterson discounts those opposed to Bloomberg using his wealth to buy the election. He predicts Bloomberg will defeat his fellow New Yorker because he knows all of Donald Trump’s games and tricks.

Bloomberg 2020 campaign HQ at 104 E. Genesee.
Patriotic cupcakes were offered during Saturday’s Bloomberg 2020 campaign office.

WSGW News photos by Bill Hewitt

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