Kanye has probably done more in the past week than many people do in a month. Kanye was booted off of twitter for violating their terms by posting a Nazi symbol, he professed his love and admiration for Adolf Hitler, and implies he caught his former wife Kim Kardashian in a compromising position with married NBA star Chris Paul.

Kanye recently had an on air interview with Alex Jones, where he was wearing a black mask that covered his entire face. He was a guest on the show, and brought along known white supremacist Nick Fuentes. During the interview, Ye stated, “I see good things about Hitler also” and “Every human being has something of value they bring to the table, especially Hitler.”  All of this followed him showing up to Paris Fashion week wearing a shirt that read, “White Lives Matter”, a slap in the face to the Black Lives Matter movement.

I’m not sure what Kanye’s motives are, or if he has one at all. I do know that he seems to dig himself into deeper holes that no one can him help him get out of. Read the story on our Kiss 107.1 Facebook page and leave your comments there!

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