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When it comes to awards shows, fans love when celebrities hit the red carpet and pose for pictures from fans and paparazzi. At this year’s Academy Awards show, there were tons of afterparties for industry professionals to attend. One attendee, R and B Ciara made headlines for what she was wearing, or should we say what she wasn’t wearing.

She was wearing a sheer and shimmering netted halter “dress” that left little to the imagination to the Vanity Fair Osar’s afterparty. Being a man, I was naturally drawn to the picture of this beautiful woman. However, I was equally disappointed that this successful wife and mother of three would choose to wear this ensemble in public, let alone to an event associated with the Academy Awards. There are some people, especially entertainers, who have to rely on being scantily clad, but Ciara doesn’t fit into that category. Her catchy hits, undeniable stage presence and gravity defying dance moves sets her apart from the average performer nowadays.

I was actually surprised to see her wearing this outfit with her husband standing by so confidently. I salute him for always being there for his wife, but silently wonder who he can stand there next to here while she is basically nude in public, let alone at an industry event. Though I’m not a jealous man, I think I understand the nature of most men… and definitely wouldn’t want my spouse proudly displaying her assets for the world to see and lust after. Men are going to do that anyway, so a leaving something to the imagination is always a safer choice.
I can’t think help but think of her 8-year-old son Future. At his age, young boys are very curious and very vocal when it comes to teasing or even bullying their friends and classmates. I can only image the types of things that will be said to him and around him about his mother’s choice of fashion. Our choices impact our loves ones, directly and indirectly.
This is nothing against Ciara, I’m on her biggest fans and supporters. I also love Ciara and her husband Russell as a couple; I think they make a great team overall and usually set an excellent example for everyone, including our youth. I think that putting a little more thought into what you wear is important, especially if you’re a parent, public figure or role model.
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