Happy National Day of Listening


Your Afternoon Girlfriend here on this #NationalDayofListening.

Now you know I love you for listening to Kiss 107.1 ERRYDAY at Kisswtlz.com, on the radio, Alexa and all of the other devices, and taking us with you everywhere you go! It’s also so important and it is such a great gift to take the time to LISTEN as we move throughout our day, each and everyday, because:

  • It Is The Gift That Keeps on Giving – It helps you to become a better communicator and it increases your ability to understand.
  • It Builds Trust and Strong Relationships – And we all need that!
  • It Can Help You To Resole Conflict – Can’t we all just get along?!

Take the time to listen to your children, spouse, co-workers, friends and maybe a stranger you meet in the store. We never know how much someone needs you to just listen for their well being and yours.