As of 6:45 Sunday evening Consumers Energy reported 32,625 customers without power in 761 service areas.  One of the hardest hit areas extends from just east of Mt. Pleasant to the city of Midland with nearly 7,000 customers without power.  The outages were caused by today’s wintry weather which brought wind bursts and ice taking down many trees, limbs, and wires.

Consumers has crews assigned to a number of areas with priority attention being given to schools and universities for classes tomorrow.  The estimated times for restoration of power vary from 3:30 Monday morning to 12:30 in the afternoon on Monday.

You should assume any downed wire is dangerous, stay at least 25 feet away from the wire and anything it is touching, and report it to authorities.  If you are using a generator run it outdoors away from any vents or openings to your home to avoid deadly carbon monoxide fumes.