State lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle agree on one issue. State Representative Annette Glenn told the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, Friday, auto insurance reform  is a top priority.

Michigan drivers pay the country’s highest auto premiums, an average $2,239 a year. Across the U.S., the average premium is $1,365. Green said a nine member, bipartisan committee, in the House is seeking a solution. The Willliams Township Republican said the committee is looking for input from residents. You can make a comment to a special web site,

With a change after last year’s election of a Democratic governor, State Representative Brian Elder sees a difference on the state capitol landscape considering the budget. Over the past eight years, both the governorship and the legislature were controlled by Republicans. Under the one party control the state budget was approved by June. Elder said this year it may take extra time to allow for discussion of how to pay for fixing the damn roads.

Elder was asked about traffic tie ups in Bay City due to bridge repairs. He had a very short answer about the bridges. The state will NEVER take over any city-owned spans across the Saginaw River.

31st Senate District Republican Kevin Daley sees those two issues as the most important areas of discussion in Lansing. The Lapeer County Republican said lawmakers are looking for ways to work together across the aisle.