Police are saying around 3am this morning, the Showtime Guns and Ammo store in Saginaw township was broken into and robbed.

Its assumed robbers entered the Gun and firework shop on Bay rd through a broken window and took several dozen firearms.

Saginaw township police didn’t want to say exactly how many guns were taken until they have more information.

Saginaw Township Lieutenant Rick Herren shared with WSGW that State ATF officials say the matter may be more serious than initially thought after other break-ins around the state.

The ATF is working with Saginaw Township Police during the investigation and is offering a reward matched by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (or NSSF) for a total up to $5,000.

Anyone with information on this or related break-in can call 1800-ATF-GUNS or 1800-283-4867