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Is it just me, or is there always some sort of rumor or scandal surviving Will and Jada Pinkett- Smith. For years, there have been rumors of infidelity, swinging, and even same sex relationships. In their own way, they have responded to the rumors including denying that either one of them were having affairs. Fast forward to R&B singer August Alsina revealing that he carried on a steamy affair with Jada for years, after meeting her through his friends which coincidentally were the Smith’s children. Not only did August reveal their relationship, he also claimed that Will Smith was aware of their relationship, and they had his blessings. That claim was later denied by Will’s camp.

The Smith’s then admitted that they had been separated during that time period, and they are transparent with one another including the good, the bad and the ugly. Fans were left shaking their heads because the Smith’s have repeatedly denied having a non-conventional marriage. I would think that a wife sleeping with a man other than her husband constitutes cheating, but perhaps it’s not considered cheating in their household if the other person is aware of their spouse’s activities.
If I remember correctly, Jada recently posted a video of her singing, along with her ex-boyfriend and soulmate, rapper Tupac, to a song made famous by her husband. To be honest, she talks about Tupac with a reverence that I’ve never seen before, including when she talks about the man she married and vowed to spend the rest of her life with. And this isn’t an isolated Jada/Tupac scenario. She frequently talks about the slain rapper, and even her daughter Willow, who she shares with Will Smith, has talked about her mother’s love for Tupac in interviews. There were a lot of people saying they’re not surprised Will snapped.
Jada is back in the news with the announcement of her new book, “Worthy”. In her book, she made the stunning revelation that during the time of the Academy Awards, she and her husband had been living separate lives, not as husband and wife, but as family. She said she didn’t get jolted back into the reality of being Will’s wife, until she heard him reference her as his wife, prior to striking Chris at the awards ceremony. I hope this new book is transparent with answers to many questions that their fans have, instead of the latest installment of their marital drama. Though it appears that their marital problems are stressful to their relationship, they’re continuing to fan the flames or curiosity by stretching their truth out over the years. Will you buy Jada Pinkett-Smith’s book “Worthy” or are you over the Smiths’?
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