The Soul Train Awards aired over the past weekend and there were no real surprises or show stopping moments. I honestly feel The Soul Train Awards could have have been the talk of the town, if they invited R and B Star Chris Brown to perform his tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. If you remember, Chris was slated to perform a tribute to MJ to celebrate “Thriller” turning 40 years old this year. Chris’ performance was cancelled at the last minute with reasoning that didn’t sit well with most fans.

It would have been the perfect opportunity to celebrate the culture, by having Chris Brown perform!, Unlike mainstream Hollywood, Chris is still an undeniable star within the community. Giving him the proper platform, as he celebrates the genius of Michael Jackson, would have been an epic night in music history. Also, it would have been a great look for the BET Awards. Like they say, when you can’t go anywhere, you’re always welcome home. BET should have put out the Welcome Home mat for Chris and welcomed him back home!