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R and B Star/Actor Tyrese Gibson has been a steady fixture in the media due to his ongoing fight with his ex-wife Samantha Gibson over her child support demands. Samantha is requesting that her ex be required to pay her $20,000 per month in child support for their daughter. Many people think that her demand is outrageous, and it doesn’t take that much to raise a child. Most two parent income houses in America don’t make $240,000 per year, so why would this minor child need so much?

Many of his critics point out his over the top lifestyle that he showcases on social media frequently. For example, many people go to Benihana’s to celebrate special occasions. Tyrese has his very own hibachi restaurant built in the backyard of his estate, so he can enjoy this experience as often as he chooses. His home also boasts a dry cleaners and state of the art nightclub. You read right…. a nightclub!

About a year and a half ago, Tyrese made headlines when he purchased his 16 year old daughter a luxury Rolls Royce, valued at over $200,000. Most people don’t get their first car at 16, let alone a high end luxury vehicle. I can’t even imagine what it would cost to insure that vehicle as an adult, let alone having a 16 year old driver listed on the policy. It would seem that the cost of the vehicle along with the maintenance would surpass the amount he would have to spend yearly in child support. His generosity also extends to his beautiful, younger girlfriend Zelie Timothy. We’ve seen the two jet set over the world for date nights, and he recently gifted her with a nearly $100,000 Range Rover for her birthday.
The critics argue that if the talented performer can spend money so easily on others, then why is he fighting his ex-wife?  They say that his minor child deserves to live in the same manner in which he lives, so naturally that could possibly mean an upgrade in the child’s mothers life as well. Many believe that it could damage the child, if their living arrangements at their parents houses are dramatically different from one another. Actress Halle Berry reportedly pays 8k per month, per child in support, though she has primary custody of both her children. It might not be fair, but the law is the law.
Tyrese is a talented individual who works hard and deserves to have the fruits of his labor. From the lifestyle he leads, it appears that he can afford to meet his ex-wife’s demands. However, I do think that $20,000 per month in child support is a bit excessive, even if one of the parents is rich. I think that the real crime is some of the archaic laws we have governing us to this day. I believe that child support should be reasonable, taking both parents’ income into account. I also believe that Tyrese constantly displaying his wealth, made him a target in the court of  popular opinion; which appears to be siding with his ex-wife Samantha Gibson.
Do you think $20,000 per month in child support is reasonable given Tyrese’s income and status, or do you think he’s trying to punish his ex-wife for leaving?