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It’s that time of year; lent. Like many people, If you don’t know, it’s a period of 40 days where you give up something; usually for religious reasons. Admittedly,  I have good intentions when I set my goals in the past, but throw in the towel prior to the finish line. I told you a few weeks ago when I embarked on my health and wellness journey, that this year I’m committed.

When I started eating healthier a few weeks ago, I didn’t give up sweets completely. I reduced the amount I consumed as well as found alternatives that were equally as delicious but not as bad for my body (like containing lots of sugar). For lent, I’m giving up sweets, cakes, and my ultimate weakness; peanut butter cups. Believe it or not, I make a smoothie containing frozen bananas, peanut butter, almond or cashew milk and raw cacao… it tastes just like my favorite candy bar and has far less “junk in it” than the candy.
It doesn’t always have to be food that you’re avoiding. Here are a few ideas of things to give up for lent; online shopping, complaining, social media, talking negatively, and avoiding exercise/movement.
What are you giving up for lent?