Happy International Mind-Body, Wellness Day!

Hey, Happy New Year!! And, Happy International Mind-Body, Wellness Day!

Your Afternoon Girlfriend Yvonne Daniels here and I hope you’re having an awesome year so far. It’s the third day of 2024 and if you’re vowing to make 2024 better than 2023 with your mind, body and wellness, I’ve got 4 tips to help you and me get 2024 off to a mindful, whole and robust start.


    The first law of change is acknowledgment.  Acknowledge your unique food cravings and habits that may not be serving you well as you work to replace them with foods and habits that will jumpstart your new/changing health narrative. And know that consistency is the key to success! 

  2. Start with those healthFUL things that you already do and love, and lean into increasing their frequency and intensity. If you drink 8 ounces of water a day try adding 8 more ounces of water to your diet until you’ve reached the desired amount you want to drink each day. By the way, drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body and wellness.
  3.  Write down a vision for your health and wellness. Write down those things that you would like to change about aspects of your health and wellness that are not serving you well right now.
  4. Listen to your body! It’s constantly letting you know what it does and does not need and when you may need to change your surroundings including the company you may be keeping right now. Do Not ignore your body when it is talking to you!
  5. Be grateful for the body/gift that God has loaned you to steward and take care of. 
  6. Prioritize your body(mind and wellness) and it will take care of you and you can be better available to take care of others.