When you were a kid, did you ever throw your sibling under the bus for something that YOU did wrong? Well, a member of the famed DeBarge family tried to do just that…although, it didn’t really work.

TMZ reports that Chico DeBarge, a member of the Michigan-born musical family, was pulled over in a Burbank shopping center on January 13 for driving without plates and with his headlights off at night. During a search , it was discovered that there were methamphetamines and heroin present at the time. Chico (who, unfortunately, inherited his family’s long struggle with drug addiction) then decided to try and pull a fast one: He didn’t have ID on him, but he identified himself as his older brother, James DeBarge.

Obviously, that did not work, as Chico was accurately identified during booking. He was charged with drug possession, DUI, and false impersonation. Chico is currently out on bail.