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Can you say thank God it’s Friday? For some reason, it seems like this week has been dragging more than ever. I’m not sure, but maybe it’s the weather fluctuating. Whatever it is or was, I’m glad the weekend is here. In 2024, I’ve committed to a lifestyle change that includes making better choices when I eat and getting more movement in my life.

I’m still recovering from slipping on ice a few weeks ago, so I didn’t make it to the gym like I planned. Instead, I got creative around the house and did what I could. I kept it 100 with myself; if I overdid it and injured myself, the likelihood of me continuing would definitely decrease. Why set myself up for failure. Instead, I adopted the something is better than nothing mindset. I definitely decreased the amount of steps I was normally taking in a day, and even sat down and moved my legs as if I were literally walking around the track.
Here’s the 30 minute playlist I put together to get me and keep me moving!
1. Long As I Live – Toni Braxton
2.Get up 10 – Cardi B
3. Off The Wall – Michael Jackson
4. Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
5. Let’s Groove Tonight – Earth, Wind and Fire
6. Tell Me – Groove Theory
7. I Wanna Be Your Lover
If you have any song suggestions for Big Tone’s Get Movin’ Playlist, send me a DM @bigtonetheceo on Instagram! Let’s commit to health and wellness everyday moving forward!