Source: YouTube

The Keys to the Summer Tour starring Alicia Keys hit Little Caesars on July 17th, and with Alicia behind the wheel, this tour exceeded all expectations. Her opening act LaBianca, along with her troupe of talented dancers and musicians put on a show reminiscent of Arrested Development, with a splash of jazz. LaBianca held court like she was the headliner; she definitely has the presence of a certified star. Though I wasn’t familiar with her music, I found myself googling her while she was performing so that I could add her music to my playlist. Her song “Jah” had the entire arena dancing in their seats for the rest of her set.

Later that evening, the lights dimmed, and you heard Alicia Keys powerful voice singing her hit song Fallin’ acapella. Then you noticed her as she slowly walked through the crowd on the main floor to take the center stage, where her rhinestone grand piano was waiting for her. From there it was back to back hits all night including “You don’t know my name”, “Karma” and “Unthinkable”.

Backing Alicia was a band of extremely skilled musicians who were actually performing, not pretending to play while a track played behind them. Her background vocalists were amazing, and Alicia graciously gave them time to shine throughout the show. The show is in the round, so everyone in the entire arena had a great seat with a view, especially with the four large screens broadcasting the show live. Despite being in an arena, it felt intimate and personal. Alicia’s energy was infectious and she connected with her audience in a way that can only be compared to the late-great artist Prince. When she performed her remake of his hit, “How come you don’t call me anymore”, you could almost feel his presence shining down on her with approval.

She rounded out her mesmerizing performance with her hits like “Diary” “My Boo” and “This girl is on fire”. She also performed a few surprises like her cover of Eurythmics hit “Sweet Dreams are made of these”. The love and energy felt in Little Caesar’s Arena was absolutely incredible and its due to the flawless performance of Alicia Keys. It was much more than a concert, it was a VIBE!