Celebrities’ like Nick Cannon, Diddy, and Future are all successful entertainers worth hundreds of millions of dollars independently. All three men have at least 7 or more children by multiple women and, according to reports, taking care of all their children financially. Obviously, the higher the tax bracket, the higher the payment (in most cases). It’s been reported that Nick and Diddy both pay child support upwards of $25,000 per month, per child. Would you consider having a baby for a man with multiple children (and multiple mothers), for $25,000 per month in child support?

According to the Census Bureau, last year’s average child support payment was $5,150 per year or $430.00 per month. The USDA estimates parents can expect to pay up to $17,375 a year to raise a child. Based on these numbers, you’d receive in one month more than the average person receives in child support for a year, or what the average person spends in a year. Granted, finances aren’t everything, but they’re usually one of the top challenges that Parents face.

Also. today’s woman is successful herself and often times very, very busy. Many want kids, but don’t to take the time off from work to carry and deliver. These women want to experience the joys of parenthood without all the traditional burdens of motherhood. Is it fair to be labeled a gold digger because you want it all; a career, children, and financial stability? Love is great and is obviously needed, but it’s not enough in most cases.

If you wanted children and had the opportunity to have one without the worry of financial challenges, would you have a baby? Would you care about the labels society places on you? Is it in the best interest of the child to knowingly have a baby without being in a committed relationship with the Father? How would you explain your decision to your child? Keep it 100!

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