Depending on who you ask, things are back to normal and your favorite artists are preparing to go on tour. Because of the pandemic, inflation has caused the price of everything to go up, including concert ticket prices. In order to be in the building with your favorite artist as they sing their hits, you may have to prepare in advance and possibly even start saving up.

Two of the worlds biggest artists, Beyoncé and Drake, are headlining world tours in 2023, coming to your favorite stadium or venue. Jill Scott and New Edition will also be at your favorite arenas and theaters, giving fans their monies worth. The Songstress Anita Baker sounds even better in concert knowing she owns her master recordings, and yes she’s on tour as well. Dru Hill’s 25th anniversary tour, SZA, Fantasia and Joe, and the iconic Janet Jackson will be hitting major cities across the US so keep an eye out for announcements.

According to Billboard, concert prices are also increasing because artists are now charging more to perform, which forces promoters to turn to ticket fees and facility fees to stay in business. Personally, I’ve always wondered what all the fees where for and guess we know now. For the most part, artists do not earn any money from these fees, though they’re often blamed for the overall price of tickets.

According to reports, ticket prices have increased by 55% over the past decade. Also, if you’re not lucky enough to get a ticket when they first go on sale, you run the risk of the concert being sold out. Then your only option becomes a ticket reseller who often doubles or triples the face value of the ticket for profit. If this continues, only the well off will be able to afford to see their favorite artists perform live in concert. Hopefully, something will be done to limit the amount of fees charged to attend concerts, as well as being gouged by resellers, so the general public can afford to enjoy themselves on a night on the town.

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