Just like you, I felt that Beyonce’ deserved Album of the Year at the Grammys. Once again, we were let down and convinced that the system was rigged. However, I want to revisit the topic of the culture creating and having their own, so they stop seeking validation from the mainstream. Is it that simple? Would things really be different?

Many of the artists that I see complaining about not winning major awards like the Grammys don’t support other awards shows as much. When the Grammys or American Music Awards come on, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the A-list celebrities in attendance. Shows like the BET Soul Train awards seem to get it right when it comes to picking recipients of their awards. Ironically, the same stars complaining are usually missing in action at urban awards shows.

When is the last time you saw a major Black artist attend the BET Soul Train Awards, or better yet perform? If they do make an appearance, it’s just that; they show up. They usually don’t invest their time and money into creating a performance that fans will love. It almost comes like some of these celebs feel like we should be honored that they even came to “our little awards show”.

Of course you’ll have those who will point out the tragedies of the Source Awards, and that our celebs don’t know how to act at events (remember when Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were beefing at the Met Gala years ago?).

There’s a saying, don’t shop where they won’t hire you. Why continue to perform at and support events that won’t recognize your talents and contributions to the arts? Artists like Drake and The Weekend have already publicly stated they’re boycotting the Grammys, why won’t others follow suit if they genuinely feel that they’re not getting their just dues? Validation is a helleva drug!

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