As we inch closer and closer to Halloween, my train of thought turns to two things: which Halloween costume I would reuse from previous years, and what kind of candy I should give out for Trick-or-Treaters.

Well, I can now rest easy, as website have put out their annual ranking of popular Halloween candy by state. According to this year’s Michigan ranking, it appears that the most popular candy this year for Trick-or-Treaters is Starburst! (I’m assuming just the pink & red kind, but that’s just me.) Candy Corn, after years of unlikely and unexplained dominance, slips to 2nd place this year. Finally, Skittles have landed at #3.

Check out Candy Store’s interactive map below to check out what the top ranking candy is in different states! What’s the most popular in your neck of the woods?

(Sidebar question: Why is candy corn popular? Can someone explain that to me, please?)