What are “Break Babies” and could your relationship handle one?

Honestly, I’d never heard of taking “a break” from a relationship until these celebrities starting announcing they had “break babies”. Break babies happen when a couple decides to separate, and one of them (usually the man) has a relationship and ultimately a child with someone else, only to return to their ex. Celebrities who have had “break babies” include Dwayne Wade, Diddy, and Ludacris. Diddy has 16 year old twins with the late Kim Porter, and a 16 year old daughter with a lady named Sarah. He has also been in a very public relationship with Yung Miami of the City Girls, only to announce the birth of another daughter with a completely different woman.

Relationships are challenging enough. Imagine adding fame, wealth, and now an innocent child into the equation. If the couple had enough challenges to break up, can you imagine the added stress of trying to rebuild your relationship while dealing with a new child that isn’t even yours. Most people expect to come second to their mate’s children, but what happens when the child is born during the course of your relationship? So not only do you have to deal with a child that isn’t yours, you’ve also got to factor in the child’s other parent.

Wade, Diddy and Ludacris all went on to repair their relationships after their break baby was born. Do you think they put in the work to get their ladies back, or did their finances and success assist them with their apologies? If you and your mate are on a break, is it really considered cheating if they have a child with someone else. Would you continue to repair your relationship with your ex, if they had a child on the way with someone else? Honestly, how do you know if it your relationship is on a break, or over for good?

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