Source: YouTube

Victoria Monet’s emotional acceptance speech at last night’s Grammy Awards was just the motivation that you and I needed. Last night as she took the podium, you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and poised she was; as if she was born polished and a certified superstar. As her speech indicated, what you saw was her blooming. You didn’t see the 15 years of her planting seeds so that she could make her dreams a reality.

15 years is an incredibly long time, but what if it pays off? What if you could have your dreams come true?  Can you imagine your life if you were walking in your purpose? In between life “life-ing” and the other obstacles that come your way daily, it’s challenging to hold on to your dream, let alone pursue them. However, I really want you to imagine doing what you love to do, and it being more than enough to provide for your family. Don’t forget that it’s true, when you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work again. It’s never too late to start over!

Personally, it took me 17 years to land my first full time on air position, and it was worth the struggle and wait. Remember, the time is going to pass you by anyway, so why not commit to pursuing what you love doing? Invest in yourself! You do have the power to change your future and your reality, if you believe and don’t give up! Slow progress is still progress. It’s time to start planting those seeds again… and keep planting them and watering them. Your time will come!

Congratulations again to Grammy Award Winner for Best New Artist Victoria Monet!