“Stay Home, Stay Safe” Order: What Can I Do?

On Monday (March 23), Gov. Gretchen Whitmer officially signed Executive Order No. 2020-21, also known as the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, in an effort to flatten the curve in the recent Coronavirus outbreak. This order temporarily shuts down all non-essential businesses and workplaces statewide, starting at 12:01am on Tuesday, March 24th. The order is expected to stay in place for at least three weeks.

With this order, you’re probably left wondering, “What AM I allowed to do?”

For starters, you can go out to get essential supplies, including groceries, health care services, gas, and take-out from your favorite restaurants. (Food delivery is also available.)

Of course, there are also exceptions. The order allows continued work for those who provide resources necessary to sustain or protect life, as well as those who are necessary to conduct minimum basic operations. Those workers, described as “critical infrastructure workers,” include local law enforcement, food & agriculture, health care, communications & information technology (including news media), and more. There are also child care workers, workers in the insurance industry, and distribution centers that are also allowed to work, in cooperation to “social distancing” guidelines.

Also, you are allowed to go outside to go out for a walk, do yard work, exercising, and just to get some fresh air. Just make sure that you are at least 6 feet away from other people while you do it.

To check out the full executive order, click here!