State health officials say that following a review by an independent consulting firm, construction in Caro can resume.

Recommendations are for an 84 bed facility close to the current census. The remaining 61 beds would be shifted to other state hospitals closer to major population centers. Officials add existing sites have closed units that can be brought back into use at a limited cost. Additional resources will be pursued for community based services to care for more than 55 additional patients.

Two years ago the state authorized financing for a new Caro hospital to be completed in 2021, serving 200 adults or an increase of 50 beds from the existing facility. Concerns about staffing and accessibility to communities caused the state to pause the project in March to allow an outside consultant review.

Capital costs for Caro upgrades and renovations at other sites would be $30,000,000  to

$55 ,0000,000 less than the $115,000,000 allocated by state lawmakers.