STARS Bus System Operating With Some Changes

The Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) has released the following statement regarding changes to services during the COVID-19 outbreak:

STARS plans to continue operations so that essential community personnel can get to work, like hospitals, government, and social services, and so that residents who must travel within the community for other necessary reasons may do so. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, STARS asks that residents use transit only when necessary. Please be cautious and use social distancing, even if you are not an at-risk individual. We must ensure the safety of our riders, as well as our drivers, mechanics, and other staff. Public Transit is an essential service to the public, and with your cooperation, we can keep those services running.

STARS is cleaning and disinfecting all fixed-route buses at every departure, and rotating the fleet with deep-cleaned buses at least once per day. STARS is cleaning curb-to-curb vehicles after every drop-off. STARS has installed wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers on every vehicle and asks passengers to use them on entry and exit if possible. STARS is also working on getting all drivers and staff N95 respirator masks to prevent additional spreading of the disease.

STARS will be making the following changes in the interest of public health. These measures will remain in place until further notice:

  1. Hand Sanitizer Use: Riders must use hand sanitizer when boarding the bus. Hand sanitizer dispensers are on every bus near the front door.
  2. Social Distancing on Buses & Bus Stops: Passengers are to sit a seat apart in all directions from other passengers, and should avoid sitting next to each other unless travelling together. If space gets low on a bus, STARS will send a second bus to accommodate that route.
  3. Fixed Route Bus Changes:
    1. Route 6 service will be suspended as of 3:25pm departure today, March 16. Route 6 riders should use Route 9.
  1. Dial-A-Ride/Curb to Curb Services:
    1. Effective Immediately, STARS EXPRESS and LIFT Services will service ONLY Senior Citizens, ADA Gold Card Holders, and Medically Necessary Appointments (like Dialysis).
    2. Effective Immediately, STARS EXPRESS and LIFT Services will be limited to the following hours:
  1.          M-F 5:55 am until 8:55 pm
  2.        Saturdays 7:55 am until 1:55 pm

STARS will strive to accommodate all Medically Necessary Appointments (like Dialysis), but asks riders or case workers immediately reschedule medical appointments based on this temporary service schedule.

  1. Administrative offices are closed and any non-essential personnel are working from home.

STARS also asks that the public not hoard goods and supplies. Many government services including STARS are struggling to find basic supplies. Please be responsible and get only what you need.