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Have you noticed that as many women get older they tend to cut their hair and rock shorter haircuts and styles. While short hair on mature women is flattering, it isn’t a requirement or a rite of passage. There are many reasons why seasoned women decide to get their haircut and it’s not necessarily for the reasons you think.

As we age, our hair ages as well. Some reach for the shears because shorter hair can be easier to style and typically takes a lot less time than longer hair to fix into a style. There isn’t enough time in the day when you’re younger, so it only amplifies when you get older. It may take you longer to do simple tasks like styling your hair than it has in years prior. As we get older our hair sometimes thins out, changes texture and loses pigment, so shorter styles allow you some great options that save time and are easier to manage.

If you prefer to keep longer hair, that’s definitely an option too. Short hairstyles don’t always fit everyone’s face or head shape. Here are tips for older women who want to keep their long hair and have it as healthy as possible. Three great tips are to prolong the time between coloring your hair, treat your hair with love and decrease the amount of heat exposure and making sure you’re using the right products on your hair.
Wigs and weaves have become increasingly popular over the years, but we’re starting to see the culture embracing their own textured hair more and more. Naturally, new styles and products are coming out often so it’s important to stay on top of the trends as well as finding out what works best for you. Always remember Queens, your hair is your crown!