Did you know that the average marriage in the United States ends after 7-8 years, and the divorce rate is nearly 50%. It makes you wonder, why are marriage licenses valid until death do you part or divorce? Given the statistics, wouldn’t it make more sense to treat marriage licenses like you do any other license, and have an end date? Of course you can always renew, but what would it look like if marriage licenses ended?

Now, that may sound crazy, but remember most of the licenses we use daily aren’t indefinite. Hunting and fishing licenses expire after one year, a trademark license expires in 10 years… what makes marriage licenses any different? I think that the pressure of “forever” can add to the troubles that come about in a marriage. I’ve seen and heard married couples taunt one another, “you ain’t going know where” or “you stuck with me”. You’ve got to admit, when most people don’t fear a repercussion for their actions, they tend to act more recklessly than if they knew there might be a price to pay for their actions. It doesn’t always stop their behavior, but in some cases, it forces people to think before they act or speak.

Of course, there are those who say it’s not necessary, and that marriage is supposed to be forever. Why can’t that be the case if marriage licenses expire. You can simply renew them, It happens all the time in legal matters. Contracts or licenses get picked up or renewed for another time period; why should the institution of marriage be any different? Simple divorce costs average around $2,000-5,000 and can take up to two years to finalize. Wedding license renewal might might also “inspire” your spouse to continue doing what it took to get you in the first place. You know sometimes people get lazy when they feel that they no longer have to work for it anymore. In my opinion, you’re only worried if you think your spouse won’t renew your wedding license.

Having an indefinite license doesn’t guarantee you that your marriage will be successful. Does requiring you to renew your wedding license have anything to do with the “covenant of marriage”?  Though many people may not I agree, I fell that requiring people to renew their marriage license can save you time, money, and possible headache. It might also be the glue that saves some marriages. What do you really have to lose?

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