Sheila E. is not happy with the powers that be at Paisley Park. Recently, the legendary percussionist decided to show up at Paisley Park unannounced to record a video to celebrate Prince’s 66th birthday. However, they didn’t let her in, and she wasn’t happy about it. The one-time fiance of Prince went to Instagram and posted a video to voice her displeasure. “My heart’s broke. I can’t even walk into Paisley. That’s kind of messed up. Not a nice way to celebrate his birthday.”  Reps from Paisley Park later posted that they just wanted “advance warning” that she was stopping by for a visit. Sheila’s publicist sent a follow-up statement asking the museum to return her old drum, which she alleges Prince asked to “borrow.”

What is your policy for people who stop by your home unannounced?