(photo by Yvonne Daniels)

Over 600 people joined in a Sunday, September 22 celebration for the Saginaw NAACP branch’s 100th anniversary on the same night as their 2019 Freedom Fund banquet.

President Terry Pruitt of Saginaw’s NAACP said the chapter started a century ago by only a handful of people in order to fight injustice and promote racial equality, tackling issues such as affordable housing and education.

The celebration honored some of the chapter’s longest and most influential members.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer spoke on the importance of voting and how much of a role Saginaw’s NAACP has had on it. The Governor said “Ensuring that people are turning out to vote, ensuring that everyone is counted in the upcoming census are absolutely critical.”

(photo by Yvonne Daniels)

Whitmer also spoke on the need for assistance programs.

“Whether it comes down to federal dollars for affordable housing or food assistance or for assistance to get to college, these are all really important things that happen.”

As they look toward the future, members of Saginaw’s NAACP say they felt encouraged by Sunday’s crowd of over 600 people who continue to support the local chapter and its rich history.