Front of Saginaw Covenant Academy (Photo Credit: Ric Antonio, WSGW)

Downtown Saginaw’s Covenant Academy held an open house from Noon to 1PM today, allowing an inside look at what students at the school are working towards.

The students at the academy range in age from 16 to 22 and may have faced challenges causing them to drop out from a traditional high school setting. Sam Joseph, founder and chairman of the Covenant Academies foundation, said the school hopes to help minimize the challenges the students face that caused them to drop out in the first place.

Library at Saginaw Covenant Academy (Photo Credit: Ric Antonio, WSGW)

The Academy offers food and clothing for students struggling financially and allows mothers to bring their babies with them when childcare is unavailable. Joseph said the school year is a full 12 months to help students finish as quickly as possible, while preventing homelessness and youth incarceration by providing educational opportunities.

Six students are already preparing to graduate at the end of this semester.

Saginaw Covenant Academy Students in class  (Photo Credit: Ric Antonio, WSGW)