2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the  NAACP Saginaw Branch.  In commemoration of this significant milestone, the Saginaw Branch extends recognition to Area African-Americans whose accomplishments represent significant historical firsts for this community.


Lady Margaret Haithco Groves   Teacher for the Saginaw Public Schools 1946


Frances E. Carter 1st Principal in the Saginaw Public Schools 1965


Ruben Daniels Saginaw Board of Education Trustee 1967-1993


Dr. Gerald D. Dawkins Superintendent Saginaw Public Schools 2001-2008


Charles Coles Varsity Head Coach Saginaw Public Schools 1972-1982


Jacqueline Creed-Bowman Homecoming Queen Saginaw High School 1965


Marva McCray-Gordon Homecoming Queen Buena Vista High School 1965


Dr. Kayte Fearn 1st Principal Saginaw High School 1971


Pamela Stuckey Homecoming Queen Arthur Hill High School 1985


Nathaniel McClain 1st Principal Arthur Hill High School 2008


Leola Wilson Female to serve on Saginaw Intermediate School Board   1977-Present – Female to serve on SVSU Board of Trustees   2005-2013


Sylvester Stephens Male  serve on Delta College Board of Trustee 1971-72


Marcia Marsh-Goffney Female serve on Delta College Board of Trustees 1997-2001


Wade McCree, Jr. Male to serve on SVSU Board of Trustees 1966-67


Lucille Turnstall First female faculty member at SVSU 1965-67


Dr. Guy Lee, Jr. First male faculty, administrator & Dean at SVSU 1970-1995


Paul Leek First to achieve tenure & Full Professor at Delta College 1970


John A. Wagner First  faculty member at Delta College 1961


Joseph Powe Male to serve on Saginaw Intermediate School Board 1985-Pres


Adelaide Robinson First graduate from Saginaw High School 1898


Vivian Keys-Brown Female to serve as Superintendent Buena of Vista Schools 1996-2001


Dr. James B. Smith First African American Superintendent in Saginaw County


Male to serve as Superintendent of Buena Vista Schools 1978-1986



NAACP Presents: Saginaw Area African-American Historical Firsts February is Black History Month