Another loss for Hip Hop.

We are sad to report that Gregory “Shock G” Jacobs, leader and co-founder of pioneering hip hop group Digital Underground, has passed away at the age of 57. Group co-founder Chopmaster J confirmed the news in a touching tribute on Instagram.

TMZ reports that the Oakland rap legend was found dead in his hotel room in Tampa, according to his father, Edward Racker. A cause of death has not been determined.

Digital Underground was formed in the 1980s, shortly after Shock G and Chopmaster J moved to the Bay Area. The group released their debut album Sex Packets in 1990, featuring their most popular single, “The Humpty Dance.” They would go on to release five more albums, featuring hits like “Doowutchyalike,” “Kiss You Back” and “Same Song.”

In addition to his work with Digital Underground, Shock G was also influential in introducing the world to Tupac Shakur. Initially featuring him as a dancer, G would put the future rap icon on the mic with a verse on “Same Song.” He would later produce Pac’s solo hits “So Many Tears” and “I Get Around.” Other producing credits include tracks for KRS-One, Monie Love, Dr. Dre, Prince, and many others.