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RIP To The Apple iPod

It’s the end of an era as Apple announced on Tuesday that it will finally discontinue the iPod Touch, the last remaining model of iPod, more than 20 years after it debuted.

The last models will be sold in stores and on Apple’s website only while “supplies last.”

The original iPod was released in November 2001 as a digital music player. It went through many different versions over the next two decades, from the introduction of a “click-wheel” in 2003 to a screenless body for the iPod Shuffle.

But, following the release of the iPhone in 2007, and the rise of streaming services such Spotify and Apple Music that came after, the iPod’s place in a crowded and changing technology market became uncertain.

Now, the iPod Touch, which received its most recent update in 2019, will be the last version ever made.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the iPod Touch was still available on Apple’s website in six colors. The base model starts at $199.99.

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