Regifting? Good idea or tacky option? There are rules to it….

Have you ever been in a position where you needed to get someone a gift and (a) you didn’t know what to get them, (b) you weren’t prepared to exchange gifts or (c) it’s not in your budget? In those cases, many people “re-gift”; where you give away gifts that were given to you as a gift. It’s a dirty little secret that many of us have done, but did you know there are rules to regifting?

  1. Don’t be cheap – don’t re-gift off brand ear buds your job gave you.
  2. Take the gift tags off – you don’t want them to know you’re regifting, right?
  3. Rewrap the gift – give the gift a new life.
  4. Remember who gave it to you – nothing more embarrassing with giving someone a gift they gave you.
  5. Some gifts are time sensitive – like fruit cakes or trendy items.
  6. Put some though into it – make sure the gift you’re giving makes sense to the person receiving it.
  7. Family heirlooms – never give away a family heirloom as a re-gift, unless you’re giving it to another family member who may appreciate it.
  8. Don’t re-gift meaningful gifts – though you may not have liked a particular gift, it may mean something significant to the person who gave it to you.
  9. Don’t forget about charity – you might have some items you don’t want or no longer need. Donation centers will gladly accept most of your unwanted items.
  10. Taste – if you truly don’t like a gift given to you, chances are the person you plan on giving it to won’t like it either.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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