R. Kelly Vehemently Denies Sexual Abuse in New CBS Interview

Disgraced R&B singer/songwriter R. Kelly sat down for an in-depth interview with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King today, his first since being charged with aggravated sexual abuse last month. In a clip, which you can watch above, Kelly is combative and overly emotional as he claims that he is innocent.

“You can’t double jeopardy me like that. It’s not fair. When you beat your case, you beat you[r] case…”

That quote is in regards to both the current charges and his 2008 child porn case. BTW, the current charges is very different from the 2008 case, so unfortunately for him, it’s not a case of double jeopardy.

The full interview will air tomorrow and Thursday on CBS This Morning. King also sat down with the two women currently living with him, Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clary, for an interview that will air on Friday, March 8.

As previously reported, Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four females (three of them presumed underage), dating as far back as 1998. If convicted, he is facing up to 70 years in prison.

UPDATE 3/6: The full first part of the interview has been posted on CBS’ website. You can check it out here.



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