R. Kelly And Other Celebrities Respond To Lifetime Docu-Series About Alleged Abuse (UPDATED)

UPDATE 1:43PM EST: TMZ is now reporting that R. Kelly is launching a website titled “Surviving Lies,” in which he will attempt to expose his accusers in the docu-series, one by one. You can read more about that here. The original story is below!

Lifetime’s chilling docu-series Surviving R. Kelly concluded its 3-night premiere on Saturday (Jan. 5), and it got the entire music industry buzzing. The series chronicled the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that the R&B singer allegedly put women and girls of color through for the past almost 3 decades, and how his career remained mostly unscathed despite this.

According to TMZ, sources close to Kelly say that he was “disgusted” by the series airing, and that he didn’t even bother watching. He was informed, however, on who took part in the interviews on the show. Kelly is claiming that he didn’t know half of the people interviewed, and the other half apparently were coming after him for personal and professional reasons. Kelly was also, allegedly, informed that there were people on his side that wanted to be interviewed, but producers refused.

In all, Kelly says that this whole series was a part of a “vendetta” against him, and, as one source puts it, “He is going to sue everybody that had anything to do with this.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Kelly’s long-overdue reckoning in the entertainment business has arrived, as several celebrities, including some of his musical peers, have spoken out against the self-proclaimed “Pied Piper of R&B.” Check out some of those reactions (as well as a statement from Kelly’s ex-wife and victim, Andrea Kelly) below!

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