Tory Lanez was found guilty on all three charges related to the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, and many people who doubted her version of the story are now back tracking and apologizing to the Grammy Award winning entertainer. There are still some out there who believe that Tory was railroaded by the court systems, a sentiment often heard revolving around cases involving Black Men as the defendant. Ironically, people are looking at the same evidence and coming up with different opinions. Do the facts really matter in the court of public opinion?

Tory Lanez father was very vocal about his disappointment with the verdict, and there’s at least one viral video of him voicing his frustrations and concerns. To be honest, there are several concerns that supporters of Tory have that deserve some attention. It’s being reported that in court, it was revealed that Megan initially tried to hook up Lanez with her friend and personal assistant Kelsey Harris. It later came out that after Harris and Megan met Tory, Megan began having an intimate relationship with Tory.

During the trial, it was reported that a witness testified that when he heard gun shots being fired, he looked out his window and saw sparks from a gun being discharged come from the direction of a female (Kelsey), and then saw sparks come the area of a short man on the scene (Lanez). It was also reported that both Harris and Lanez had gun residue on them after the shooting, but Lanez DNA wasn’t discovered on the recovered weapon. In a pre-trial hearing, no one said that his DNA was not found on the weapon ironically.

Some people feel that a leaked phone call between Lanez and Harris after the shooting confirms his guilt. In the call, Lanez says that he is apologetic for what happened, but he also admits to being so intoxicated that he isn’t sure of what happened exactly. In the call, he does sound remorseful, however he never admits to shooting the talented rapper. His supporters say that people are reading too much into his general statements.

Tory’s attorney’s job was to present a case of reasonable doubt. They presented a potential suspect, Kelsey Harris. The suspect had a motive; potentially feeling betrayed by Megan over her involvement with Tory. There was a witness who testified to seeing a spark from a gun go off from the direction she was in. Speaking of witnesses, Harris claimed on the stand she couldn’t remember details of the incident even though she’s given her recollection of the events previously. She also invoked her right to remain silent to avoid self incrimination. The victim, who was friends with Harris and her former employer, said she saw Tory shoot her. Experts claim that it was impossible to see the shooter, given the position of her injuries. For those reasons, many feel that Tory should have gotten off due to reasonable doubt.

The jury and court didn’t feel the same way, and Lanez is currently behind bars awaiting sentencing. The only people who could know for certain what happened, don’t agree on the events that took place that night. I can’t say that Tory shot Megan, but I can say that it seems like his attorneys didn’t do their job of convincing the court that he was not guilty by reasonable doubt. There’s a difference between not guilty and innocent, except in the court of public opinion.

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