Actress Gabrielle Union is the Step-Mother to Zaya Wade, the transgender child of Dwayne Wade and one of the worlds upcoming models. Like any good parent, Gabrielle is questioning why this 40 year old straight man is constantly commenting on matters that are important to the LBTQ community and their idols, like Zaya Wade, Lil Nas X, and others. Gabrielle didn’t bite her tongue when she she said that she felt that Lil Boosie was preoccupied with Zaya and Lil Nas X, and added ,”you gotta lot of d___ on your mind. Sir is there something you want to just go ahead and tell us? This is a safe place. We can be your sanctuary”. It doesn’t take a genius to put it together that she’s implying the rapper is gay, or closeted, based upon his continued comments on the two.

When Lil Boosie got wind of her comments, he responded by saying that the Wade’s aren’t the Black power couple they think they are, and implied that Dwayne might be closeted as well. What’s interesting about his response to Gabbys is that when Boosie was “checked” by Iron Mike Tyson over this very same topic, he didn’t have the same energy in his response as he did towards Gabrielle. Do you think that Boosie is too old to be commenting on the actions of 15 year old Zaya, or is it fair game because Zaya is a celebrity? Do you think Boosie or people who keep talking about alternative lifestyles are in fact curious or possibly on the downlow themselves? Make sure you watch the video of Mike Tyson and Lil Boosie and be the judge for yourself. Make sure you visit our Kiss 107.1 Facebook page and read the full story and leave your comments there.

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