Bay City Mayor Kathleen Newsham. (City of Bay City photo)

Plans for a medical marijuana center in downtown Bay City are on hold with Mayor Kathleen Newsham’s veto of the Bay City Commission granting a license to operate.

In issuing the veto Thursday, October 24th, Newsham cited the angry reaction from the community of putting the facility in a former iconic downtown restaurant. The license was sought by The River LLC for the former Rudy’s Red Lion building at 201 Center.

The mayor also said the proposed facility is too close to the Delta College Planetarium which hosts a variety of educational programs for children. She said another popular spot for children is the city’s Wenonah Park, one block away.

The license for the facility was approved on a 5-3 vote October 21st. The approval came after an earlier attempt failed on a 4-3 vote October 4th. Five votes are needed for approval by the Bay City Commission.

The City Commission will consider a veto override, at its November 4th meeting. At least one of three commissioners who objected to the license would have to change their vote. A six vote majority is needed to overturn Newsham’s veto. Commissioners Cordal Morris, Rachelle Hilliker and John Davidson voted against the license approval, citing some of Newsham’s objections and the city is granting too many marijuana permits.

The five commissioners voting yes were Andrew Niedzinski, Brentt Brunner, Kerice Basmadjian, Ed Clements and Jesse Dockett.