LeBron James Tells Don Lemon Why He Called Trump a “Bum”…

Recently, LeBron James and CNN’s Don Lemon sat down for an interview where the two discussed a variety of topics. James spoke on being black in America, poverty, opening up his ‘I PROMISE’ School and more. Along with that, James broke down why he called Donald Trump a “Bum.”

James addressed calling Trump a bum after the Steph Curry tweet saying “[Steph] already said he’s not going [to the White House] and he tried to use [the tweet] after that to say he’s not invited. You can’t uninvite me to something I’m not gonna go to.

LeBron noted that Curry comes from a great background and is an inspirational figure to all races. He went on to say “there’s no reason for anyone to ever attack [Steph Curry].”

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