Lady Gaga Vows To Pull R. Kelly Collaboration From Streaming Sites

Lady Gaga has a lot to be happy about, including a new residency in Vegas and a Golden Globe for her work on the remake to A Star Is Born. However, one thing that she is definitely NOT proud of is her collaboration with a certain “Pied Piper.”

Back in 2013, the pop star worked with R&B singer (and alleged abuser) R. Kelly on the song “Do What U Want (With My Body),” which was featured on her ARTPOP album. However, in light of the recently resurfaced allegations of physical, sexual, and mental abuse, Gaga (who is a survivor herself) released a statement on her social media, announcing that she stands with the survivors and plans on pulling the collaboration from all streaming sites. She also vows never to work with Kelly ever again.

Check out her statement below!



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