In the aftermath of the tragic passing of filmmaker John Singleton on April 29, tensions have been running high between members of his family. Now, it is set to take a drastic turn.

TMZ reports that Singleton had a will in place, and it will be filed in probate court soon by his mother, Shelia Ward, who handled all of John’s business affairs prior to his passing.

The problem lies within the conflict between Ward and one of John’s seven kids. His daughter, Cleopatra, has accused Ward of trying to squeeze his children out of his $35 million fortune. This came after Ward attempted to file for temporary conservatorship while the “Boyz N’ The Hood” director was in the hospital following his massive stroke last week. That legal battle ended when he died at the age of 51.

Had Singleton died without a will, the estate would’ve automatically been split between the kids and Ward would have gotten nothing. However, with the will in place and in Ward’s possession, safe to say that this will turn ugly in the courts.