Famed director/writer/producer John Singleton is being laid to rest today (May 6) in a private ceremony for family and close friends. Singleton, who died from complications from a stroke on March 29, is being honored in an intimate funeral at Angeles Funeral Home in his hometown of South Los Angeles, according to TMZ. Following the service, the Boyz N’ The Hood filmmaker will be buried at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills. In addition, the family is planning a public memorial service later this month. Details will soon come about that.

TMZ also reports that the details of Singleton’s will has been revealed. Filed in probate court by his mother, Sheila Ward, earlier this week, the will lists his oldest daughter, 26-year-old Justice Singleton, as the beneficiary of his estate, which was valued at $3.8 million at the time the will was created. John wrote the will back in 1993, prior to the birth of his six other children. Under California law, the kids born after the will may still receive a portion of his estate because they were not specifically excluded from the will.

There is also a possibility that the will doesn’t cover the full extent of his assets. Reports are saying that his full estate is valued at $35 million, so there could be a trust that disposes of those assets not included in his will. If there is a trust, then the other 6 kids not listed in the will may receive portions of the trust instead. Considering the family feud that has been brewing recently, we can only hope that things work out for the best.