Men date younger all the time. What would stop you from seeing what life has to offer, by way of a younger man. Many say that women mature faster than men, so they’d never want to date a younger man. Others joke that they’ve already raised their kids, so they’re not about to raise another one. Is it fear of their lack of maturity or fear of what society has to say?
Men are always celebrated for growing older and the stigma is that men appreciate in value the older they get. Unfortunately women aren’t celebrated the same way, and because of that, some women don’t take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. For example,  dating younger men. However, there are some women in Hollywood who are living their best lives with younger men, despite what others may say or think.
The legendary Tina Turner gave love a chance again when she married Erwin Bach who is 16 years younger than the icon and Gabrielle Union is 10 years younger than her husband, NBA star Dwayne Wade. Lisa Bonet also had a lot of women green with envy when she wed Aqua Man star Jason Mamoa who is 18 years younger than his wife. Not only did these highly successful women date younger men, they married them too!
Life is too short to be concerned about what others think, especially when it gives you happiness. What works for one person may not work for others, but you deserve to try new things and have amazing experiences. You owe it to yourself to try something different, and that something different just might be a May-December relationship, and that relationship just might be the one you’ve always dreamed of.
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