Howard Stern thinks Oprah is showing off on social media.

Controversial radio personality Howard Stern recently threw shade at Multimedia Mogul Oprah Winfrey. Howard says he was blown away when he visited Oprah’s Instagram page, and got a glimpse into her life. He says that by posting her estates, lush gardens, and staff that work for her, she’s flaunting her wealth in front of the world. He also added that people on Oprah’s level of success, should be more self aware that there are some people who are struggling to eat. He says he isn’t comfortable for the way she, and others, show off their wealth.

I understand how he can feel that way, especially if he isn’t familiar with Oprah’s story or background. Oprah grew up very poor and was raised by her grandmother. For her to become the world wide phenomenon she is, not to mention a self made billionaire, is inspiring to the millions who look up to her. A glimpse into her “everyday” world lets us know that we too can reach her level. Also, it’s common for people who post on social media to share glimpse’s into their lives, including where they live, what they drive, where they work, etc. Howard mentioned he has money, but not the type of wealth Oprah has. Perhaps he is isn’t comfortable that Ms. Winfrey, a single poor Black woman from a broken home, became more successful than him. Sometimes our blessings rub others the wrong way. Keep going anyway, and thank Oprah Winfrey for being an inspiration. Read the full story on our Kiss 107.1 Facebook page and leave your comments there!

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