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Gift-giving during Christmas can strain your budget, especially when you feel compelled to give to everyone from your mail carrier to your hairdresser. But if you’re stretched thin, regifting can be a lifesaver. Here are some suggested rules for successful regifting:

  1. Intent Matters: Regift if it’s something you’d genuinely buy for the person. Don’t just save money at the recipient’s expense.
  2. Remove Tags and Rewrap: Cleanse the gift of any previous associations before passing it on.
  3. Keep Track: Remember who gave it to you to avoid awkward situations.
  4. Time Sensitivity: Trends fade, so don’t hold onto items for too long before regifting.
  5. Respect Boundaries: Family heirlooms are off-limits; opt for thrift store finds instead.
  6. Be Thoughtful: Regift with care, ensuring it’s meaningful to the recipient.
  7. Moderation is Key: Avoid gaining a regifting reputation by doing it sparingly.
  8. Spontaneity: Regift outside of special occasions, spreading joy without guilt.
  9. Honesty Counts: If caught, own up to the regifting mistake.
  10. Consider Donations: Some items might be better suited for donation than regifting.

Regifting Ideas: Good: Household items, bath products, unopened gourmet foods, gift cards, books, new clothing, perfume, inexpensive jewelry, games, and novelty gifts. Avoid: Monogrammed/handmade items, opened or signed gifts, outdated technology, used undergarments, and anything that’s just not good.

Remember, regifting can be thoughtful and budget-friendly if done with care. Stick to these guidelines and become a regifting pro without anyone catching on!

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