Donnie McClurkin Tells Fans He’s Been Hospitalized After Passing Out While Driving

According to, gospel music giant Donnie McClurkin is thankful to be alive following a nearly-fatal car accident.

The beloved 59-year-old singer lost consciousness while behind the wheel in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday and began swerving in traffic, before ultimately crashing into a concrete median. Taking to his personal Facebook page on Wednesday evening, McClurkin revealed that although he emerged from the accident with stitches on his left thumb, a sprained wrist, a hurt knee and a totaled vehicle, he’s grateful for God’s grace in sparing his life.

The Grammy Award-winning entertainer also thanked two motorists who intervened to help stop traffic and began following closely behind his car when they noticed it was swerving on the road.

Since news of the accident broke, McClurkin has received prayers, well wishes and words of encouragement from thousands of fans, family and friends through his social media platforms.




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