Do your parents and loved ones have their affairs in order?

It’s funny how time changes things. It seemed just like yesterday when my Mom and Dad were making sure I ate my vegetables before going to bed. Fast forward 40 plus years and the roles have reversed. I’m  now  making sure my parents ate sensible well balanced meals along with taking their prescription medications properly. They always say there’s no book on how to raise a child, but I couldn’t find a great deal of resources that help adult children assist with taking care of their aging parents. One of the most important things that you can do is to make sure that your parents or guardian’s affairs are in order before you need it.
Here’s a checklist for you to make sure you’ve covered your bases (or most of them)
1. Take inventory of your belongings.

2. Make a list of your creditors 9include account numbers).

3. Maker a membership list – some include accidental life insurance at no cost to members.

4. Make multiple copies of your lists, sign and date them.

5. Review retirement accounts and beneficiary selections.

6.Update your insurance information.

7. Pick a responsible estate administrator.

8. Draft a will and make sure the administrator has a copy.

9. Review all your documents on a regular basis and update if needed.

10. Complete other documents – such as a will, living will, or healthcare proxy.

Not only should you have a checklist for your parents and guardians, but you should also make sure that you have completed a checklist for yourself as well. We all know that tomorrow isn’t promised, yet we all still take them for granted. It’s equally important for you to have your affairs in order too. Death doesn’t have an age, so it’s never to late to begin preparing and to stay prepared.