DaBrat and her wife Judy revealed their child’s father isn’t a Black man! Does it really matter?

Colorism definitely exists, especially in the Black community. Many attribute it to preferential treatment given to lighter skinned Blacks and mulattoes during the days of slavery. Despite those days being long gone, the color of a person’s skin and hair texture are always a discussion in the Black community. The offspring of mixed raced couples are oftentimes singled out for having certain non-traditional Black characteristics like blue/green eyes, straight or curly hair, and light or fair complexions. It’s sad but true that individuals who have these traits are often treated differently and more favorably , including within their own race.

Rapper DaBrat and her wife JudyDupart revealed that the donor for their unborn child wasn’t a Black man. The ladies did mention that there is a shortage of Black men who are donors, so naturally they had a short list of potential candidates. One of the potential candidates resembled the fictional character “Jiminy Cricket” and DaBrat says she definitely doesn’t want a child that looks like that. Because of the shortage, the ladies revealed that their child’s father wasn’t Black, but he is tall and handsome.
Social media wasn’t quite buying their explanation. Judy is a self made millionaire who is known worldwide as an entrepreneur and owner of Kaleidoscope hair products. DaBrat is a platinum certified artist and television personality with legions of fans across the world. Social media feels as though these ladies have the money and resources to find a “quality” Black donor but instead are “taking the easier road” by having a child with a non-Black parent. Many feel as though the women were more interested in having a child that looks a certain way versus wanting to bring a beautiful, healthy, Black child into this world. They also pointed out many female same sex couples will often enlist family members to donate, so that the child is a true genetic representation of both parents and their families.
People are always speculating on something and looking for an alternative truth to fit their narrative. Most people who are trying to have children usually want to get pregnant as soon as possible, and some won’t let race get in the way of their journey to become parents. DaBrat and Judy did try to locate Black candidates that they felt were suitable first with no success, so they explored other options and ended up with a bundle of joy on the way. What’s most important is that DaBrat, who is in her late 40’s, has a safe delivery and gives birth to a healthy baby.