Did you watch the American Music Awards over the weekend? There were some surprises during the show, including learning that R and B Star Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was cancelled. No official reason was given by the awards show for the cancellation. Thriller celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year, so many fans were waiting for Chris’ performance. To many, Chris is the closest anyone has come to the musical genius of Michael.

Other’s say the AMA’s were concerned about having Chris perform, due to negative backlash that he still receives to this day, for mistakes he made many years ago. He has apologized and attempted to move forward. but others aren’t so forgiving.  Though he wasn’t allowed to perform, he still won an AMA, but was not there to accept it. In case you missed the show, or boycotted it “stand with Chris Brown”, a list of all the winners are on our Kiss 107.1 Facebook page!